Sapna Dancer Top 5 Songs Super Hit | New Haryanvi Hit Song Sapna Dancer Live Sapna New 2017


Sapna Dancer Top 5 Songs Super Hit | New Haryanvi Hit Song Sapna Dancer Live Sapna New 2017

You must have heard the name or seen a dance video of Sapna Chaudhary. If not, then you will definitely know about her after reading this article. Sapna Chaudhary is from a small town Rohtak in Haryana. She is a singer, dancer and also a great performer.

You will become a great fan of Sapna Dance, if you see her Dance Video Sapna online. She just mesmerizes others with her good looks and talent. Sapna is a gifted artist and will make swoon with her dance moves.

Sapna is a young and pretty girl who is born and brought up in Haryana. She did her primary education there and after that pursued her dream. She lost her father in the formative years of her life and has taken the responsibility of her family on her shoulders.

सपना चौधरी का इससे हॉट डांस आपने पहले कभी नहीं देखा होगा

The dance of sapna is very popular and famous in Delhi NCR region. Individuals of every age know her. In the short span of time sapna dance has managed to gain immense popularity.

  1. Tu Cheez Lajawab Sapna Dancer Video
  2. Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal Sapna Dance Video
  3. Bandook Mar Gi Sapna Dancer Video
  4. Haryanvi Dancer Sapna || Mein Teri Nachai Nachu
  5. English Medium Sapna Dance Video

Sapna Chaudhary has always loved singing and dancing. Her father was also a very good singer. In one of the interviews, she said her father is a great inspiration for her. She has not taken any formal training for singing and dancing. She has learnt all that herself by watching videos.

सपना चौधरी का इससे हॉट डांस आपने पहले कभी नहीं देखा होगा

It is not at all easy to make such a huge name for oneself in a short period of time. But sapna dance has done that as she always try to be innovative and creative.

People love sapna dance but recently she tried to commit suicide. It is a very sad truth. She was performing on a song, the lyrics of which are a little controversial. As they disrespect a particular caste.

Due to this, some people wrote abusive comments on her Facebook profile. A case was filed against her. It was very overwhelming for sapna and she became depressed. In this very situation, she tried to commit suicide.

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But fortunately, she was saved. Sapna got full support from her family and fans and has been able to recover well. She is a strong person and this has proved that.

Sapna started her career by performing at various stage shows. But she gained popularity when her dance video was uploaded on YouTube. Millions of people watched this video and she became a popular star in a few days.

After that there was no looking back. People enjoy sapna dance very much and it is visible by the growing number of her fans.

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