hi friends How are you… i hope you are fine(Mast). this website for Created for Sapna dancer(My love)… she is super lovely girl in Haryana… i like her…. this site is just give information and latest videos news from all sources like newspapers, tv, fm, video dvd songs..etc.Sapna Haryanvi Dancer

Sapna is a popular Arkestra dancer in Haryana. She mainly belongs to Rohtak, Haryana, India. She is a costly dancer in all over Haryana. Their team charges approx 2 lakhs rupees for 1 show. Sapna is a popular dancer and looking beautiful. She is new in the entertainment world. Sapna has done her studies from her hometown. After few months, she started Dancing as the career option. Sapna made her own ‘Aurkestra group’ and now her group on top of other groups.